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New Security for BLC Online Banking – CHECK FOR GREEN IN THE URL BAR!

After March 10th, you will notice a change when logging into online banking. Your image and pass phrase will be replaced by a more advanced technology called Extended Validation (EV) Certification. EV Certification uses computer forensics to authenticate users before allowing access to BLC’s online banking.

What's New?
After entering your Access ID, you can visually confirm that you have connected to BLC’s website by looking at the URL address bar. Depending upon what type of internet browser you use either the entire address bar (URL), or part of it will turn from white to green. And the URL address will change from to UFS, LLC or ufsdata. UFS, LLC is BLC’s data processor, and that address change is supposed to happen.

What do I need to do?
After entering your Access ID, check the website address bar and verify that it is GREEN. Then use the same login process you used before.

Am I less secure without the image and passphrase?
No. EV Certification is a stronger multi-factor authorization process than image and passphrase. EV Certification uses several data elements to identify your PC. If your PC is not recognized, you will need to correctly answer the security challenge questions you previously set up.

Will my current password change?
No. After entering your Access ID and verifying GREEN in the URL address bar, you may enter your password. But remember that your password must be changed every 90 days.

For your security, passwords must be changed every 90 days. We recommend using a strong 8-12 character password which combines upper case and lower case letters, numbers, and non-dictionary characters. (,*,&, etc.)

If you have any questions about online banking or these specific changes please call us at 920-788-4141. If you are not already registered for online banking, this might be a great time to sign up!

So…when logging into online banking after March 10th, remember to check the web address bar (URL). GREEN INDICATES THAT YOU ARE SAFE TO GO!

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